Three more days here at Kasteel Well. I know that so many people here are dreading leaving, and I can completely understand where they’re coming from. This place really has a great appeal. But I have to be honest… I’m very desperate to go home. I am so looking forward to seeing my family again and giving them big hugs. Hanging out in Boston and being surrounded by my friends, from Emerson and back home. Also, the little things - like having a kitchen again. Having more space than a triple-sized room. Sleeping in a bed that’s not lofted. Being able to sit back and relax, maybe even watch a show or two on high-speed internet…

The 12+ hours of travel that await me on Wednesday will be difficult. But when I wake up that day before 6 am, I’m not sure I’ll be able to suppress my excitement. I miss the United States!

I had one final last night, for Literary Foundations. All that’s left are my finals for History of Western Art III: Modern and Intercultural Communication. After that… I’m free. Go on a packing spree, make one last trip to the supermarket to buy some stroopwafel, and then start to say goodbyes to Kasteel Well.

Though it’s obvious that I’m ready to leave, I want to make something clear: I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, and I understand that a lot of people are very sensitive to fact that our time here is almost finished. Believe me, I’ve been there… definitely reminds me of when I attended a summer program for 2 years during high school, where I lived on a college campus and took classes. That kind of desperate, “no, I want another 4 weeks!” feeling… I can relate. I don’t feel that way about this place, but I can imagine some people are feeling something like that. I will miss the beautiful surroundings, quaint little Dutch suburbs, and also stumbling upon cute farm animals. Everyone who works at Kasteel Well has been very friendly and helpful, and I’m so appreciative of that. I’m so happy to have met some really great people, too - some of who I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with. I really hope these friendships will be able to transfer back to Boston!

Oh, something else I will miss: saying things like “I’m going to Paris this weekend” or “Taking a flight to Barcelona tomorrow, coming back on Sunday”… wow, when will I ever be able to make such statements again?! Maybe when I’m in my mid-thirties and am juggling 3 jobs. Hahah… eeek.

I’ll make one final post before I leave on Wednesday. Today is studying day and taking one last walk around Well. Tomorrow, 2 finals, packing, and errands. Tuesday, finishing packing, room checks, farewell events + dinner. Then the big day… I can’t wait!