That post I should have posted many days ago…

So, I have to apologize about not updating about Paris/Versailles sooner. With the days winding down here, my weeks have been so busy. For instance, last week was Parents Week and it was also Kasteel Well’s 25th Anniversary celebration. We had a Castle Haunted House, reception with the trustees, a falconry show (yes, you read that correctly), and a dinner celebration at De Buun, a big activity center/reception room here in Well. It was basically a crazy week. But during these crazy times, I was able to spend two weekends in the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to - Paris.

The idea that Paris is a romantic city is not a myth; you could definitely sense the romance. The weather was warm, the flowers were blooming… it was just a gorgeous place to be in. Of course, I am referring to the more high-profile places, like the Champs-Élysées, Eiffel Tower, Tuileries, etc. My friends and I were staying in a hostel in Montmarte, near Sacré-Cœur, and it was kind of a shady area. But besides that, we had a lovely time, lounging around in the Tuileries and in the gardens behind the Eiffel Tower, seeing some art at the Musée d’Orsay, riding a merry-go-round, and eating lots of spectacular food like les croques-monsieurs, crèpes, crème brûlée, and the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted at a famous cafe called Angelina’s. I’m so glad we left Paris as our last weekend trip; we were so smart! Especially after going to a severely depressing place like Krakow, Poland, I was ready to go somewhere truly beautiful and happy. Paris more than fulfilled my expectations. Also, it was fun to tap into my French knowledge again. The last time I took French was junior year of high school, but I was surprised with how much I actually remembered (though I couldn’t actually converse with anyone… basically just order food and buy tickets). haha!

Behind Notre Dame

Oh hey, there’s the Arc de Triomphe! Side note: I really enjoy seeing the tourist-y things, especially for the first time. I associate these landmarks with the cities, but I’ve never been able to place them anywhere specific. So to walk down the street and suddenly see the Eiffel Tower… or the Arc de Triomphe… it’s a really cool experience. It’s like I half-expected these places to not be real or something!

My favorite thing that I did during my first weekend in Paris was climb all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower. And when I say “climb”, I mean take the elevator. I’m really afraid of heights, but I made myself go to the top. The view was absolutely breath-taking. Pictures really don’t do it justice, but just to give you an idea…

We only had a day and a half that first weekend, but we were able return the following weekend because we were staying in Paris for our Versailles trip. Thank goodness, because Paris is one of my favorite cities, possibly my favorite of them all. I loved London so much too, and it wins Best Trip award. But Paris is just… beautiful. I don’t know a better word to describe it. I made a resolution: I’ll be spending my honeymoon in Paris. Next time I go, I want to stay in a hotel and eat at nice restaurants (they were everywhere… I just wanted to walk right in!). Paris is an expensive place, though, so I’ll need to start a Paris fund… who knows, maybe in another five (or ten…) years, I’ll return to Paris! Paris, je t’aime! Et tu me manques!

I’m going to do another whole post about Versailles… because, believe me, it needs its own post. Realistically, probably 2 or 3… but I won’t get too carried away. :)